What do you call that plant or animal in Bininj Gunwok?

A new online resource documenting Aboriginal names for plants and animals in Kakadu and West Arnhem Land is now available.

Ecology of freshwater prawns in the Daly River video

PhD candidate Peter Novak conducted the first ever study on the lifecycle of freshwater prawns (Cherabin). This video shows what he found out.

Turtle and dugong monitoring video

The Uunguu Rangers, with scientists from NAILSMA and CSIRO, have been monitoring turtles and dugongs on Wunambal Gaambera country. This video shows the new approach being used.

Sawfish survival video

For Largetooth Sawfish, Northern Australia is the last remaining stronghold of the threatened species. Watch the rescue of two stranded sawfish from an isolated floodplain waterhole.

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Hub mission: To improve biodiversity conservation in northern Australia through sound research and planning, innovative policy and strong partnerships

Research program description: The Northern Australia Hub will focus on the terrestrial, freshwater and estuarine ecosystems of the northern savanna landscapes. Much of the research has an adaptive “catchment to coast” planning and management framework.

The Hub will address:

  • gaps in our understanding of biodiversity patterns;
  • support adaptive planning to respond to current and emerging threats;
  • develop effective methods for monitoring and reporting on biodiversity and ecosystem health;
  • determine the benefits derived from community-based natural resource management; and
  • identify opportunities to support Indigenous livelihoods.